Cubans are making their voices heard, but not much action from Biden.

This last weekend was the beginning of a march for freedom by the Cuban people, and continues along with their compatriots joining them in the streets of Miami and all over the world. It is important to note that Cubans who have fled their native country stand with the people protesting for their God given […]

Here’s why we need School Choice.

In America, we are having many issues with academia. From underperforming public schools in the inner cities to the ideological indoctrination of our colleges and universities; educational integrity has never been put into question until now. Why? Because for years education has become politicized. Teachers Unions and School Boards are hands crossed, just follow the […]

NJ homeowner will face trial tomorrow over patriotic banners

Today, I had the pleasure to interview Andrea Dick, the Roselle Park resident that has become the news of the day here in New Jersey. Not too long ago, Andrea put 6 patriotic banners on her wooden-picket fence, 3 of which have the F-word. These banners are by no means meant to be offensive (unless […]