President Donald J. Trump, acquitted once again.

Never in the history of the United States of America have we ever witnessed a president be impeached twice and be acquitted twice. Both impeachments as baseless as ever in the history of presidential impeachments. One being about a crime that Joe Biden and son Hunter, committed themselves, (corruption, bribes in Ukraine and China) which according to the Democrats it was actually Trump’s diplomatic phone with call the President of Ukraine. The phone call was about congratulating Mr. Volodymyr Zelensky’s victory in Ukraine’s Presidential Election. The transcript was provided and Democrat impeachment managers started having a hard time supporting their argument that supposedly Trump colluded with Ukraine.

This latest impeachment sham was also another democrat failure to completely destroy Trump. It was about a simple statement he said at a Stop the Steal rally. Trump said to “Patriotically and peacefully protest at the Capitol”, a statement that was meant to be about gathering at the Capitol building and claim fairness in the electoral confirmation of votes which occured on January 6. Which we all saw the devastating riots at the Capitol. This was something that happened unexpectedly and was coordinated to once again frame Donald Trump. This was created to cause more division in this country and to start narratives that Trump supporters should be purged and canceled because they are supposedly violent, hateful and racists.

Once again, the democrats intiated articles of impeachment and an impeachment trial was held in the US Senate for about a week. An unconstitutional trial at that. Chief Justice John Roberts did not choose to hold the trial, but democrat senator from Vermont, Patrick Leahy did. A senator cannot preside over an impeachment trial, it is inconsistent to the US Constitution. As a matter of fact, the trial it self was totally unconstitutional as the accusations of the democrats were not based on any legal violations.

How can you hold a trial when you have a democrat presiding at the republican’s defense? It just shows you how partisan this whole trial was. There was no legal standing and integrity in this process.

How are you going to accuse someone of a crime by just stating a simple statement, of no harm to others? What crimes were committed?

Our 1st amendment protects freedom of speech, freedom of the press and the right to assemble.

No clear signs of incitement of violence were witnessed on January 6th.

However, there was a coordinated attack on the US Capitol by professional agitators and rioters for sure. There are formal investigations about this and the truth will soon be revealed, God willing.

During cross examination, impeachment managers used lots of rhetoric, emotion grabbing statements, and persuasive language, and Trump defense lawyers presented videos of previous statements from many democrat public officials like Maxine Waters’ hateful rants, among other evidence that was provided.

The conclusion came to a vote in the Senate, 57 Guilty, 43 Not Guilty. The amount of votes needed, two-thirds of the Senate chamber, which would be 67 votes, were not satisfied, resulting in Trump’s second impeachment acquittal.

Once again, Donald J. Trump triumphant to the democrat’s demise.

Hopefully, justice will now be served for the upcoming future, as our divisive government should pay for its consequences. People see the amount of corruption and abuse of power in our government and they are definitely not happy. Polticians that are corrupt themselves trying to impeach a president they do not agree with politically, just does not make any sense. Our public officials do not put themselves in the same standards, yet they show off as the angels of our government.

It is because of them, the Deep State, that the serious and condemning acts of impeachment have been terribly misused and cheapend into just a simple political move against those they hate and disagree with.

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