NJ homeowner will face trial tomorrow over patriotic banners

Today, I had the pleasure to interview Andrea Dick, the Roselle Park resident that has become the news of the day here in New Jersey.

Not too long ago, Andrea put 6 patriotic banners on her wooden-picket fence, 3 of which have the F-word.

These banners are by no means meant to be offensive (unless you are a snowflake liberal)

They are meant to be shown for comical or satirical purposes but also for open-minded, political expression. These banners have been sold by the thousands online. Many patriots have flown them high in their flag poles or boat masts. They have gained the public’s attention and have become very popular.

But with such popularity and patriotism, the wokeness of the left has turned this into a pointless controversy.

On March of this year, a man in Fairfield, Ohio was the epicenter of social media outrage by trolls and snowflakes for displaying a “F**K BIDEN” flag on his front porch and for somehow being offensive to the children stepping off the bus a few houses down the street.

There are many cases like Fairfield across American towns and cities like Hammond, IL, Kingsport, TN, Pheonix, AZ, and this time it’s Roselle Park, NJ.

All of these cases have been determined that these homeowners are in their 1st Amendment right to display these banners, even if they are colorful in language.

The controversy comes as Marielle, an RP Democrat Operative decided to expose Andrea Dick to the Mayor, who is also a democrat and happens to run for State Senator. Marielle is close to Joe Signorello III and his collegues.

According to the Borough of Roselle Park, Andrea Dick is violating local codes for publicly demonstrating obscene material with poor political or artistic value. And the town also declares that since Andrea lives near a local school it is offensive for the children that walk by.

So Andrea was solicited a warning to take them down or she would be ticketed and/or summoned.

Andrea resisted and cited her 1st Amendment rights.

She also had the Code Enforcement official call her and the Police Chief knock on her door on seperate occasions demanding to take down the banners.

Andrea was eventually ticketed and summoned to court for not taking down the banners. She is currently taking legal action against this and has an attorney. Trial will be held June 10th at 9am, it is not yet clear whether trial will be virtual or in person. It is also unclear whether trial will be open to the public. Andrea says she wants her case to be taken in person.

For some reason, the court seems to be indicisive of how the trial should be set up, knowing there will be trial the next day.

She stands against the town’s complaint citing her 1st Amendment rights, her private property rights and she also mentioned the U.S. Supreme Court precedent Cohen v. California (1971), a landmark decision holding First Amendment rights preventing the conviction of Paul Robert Cohen for the crime of disturbing the peace by wearing a jacket displaying “F**k the Draft” in the public corridors of a California courthouse.

The Borough’s claims fall short since they have publicly displayed pride flags at the Public Library and the High School. The mayor hosted a Drag Queen Bingo Night at the library, which could be considered obscene material and sexual perversion of minors. Mayor Joe also hosted a Black Lives Matter march at the High School. All under public property for the whole town to witness, notice how it has a focus on kids and teens.

Coincidentally, the Biden Administration has authorized to hang BLM and LGBT Pride flags in every U.S. Embassy around the world. Again, ideological material emblazed in governmental public property.

If the Borough of Roselle Park, like many towns and cities can publicly display those banners, on public property, then what is the standard they are holding?

After interviewing Andrea, she told me that she is having lots of support from her neighbors despite a false and misleading headline from NJ.com, “F-bomb, bird flipping anti-Biden flags outside house near N.J. school infuriates neighbors”

Not surprisingly, the Roselle Park Republicans have not shown any type of support for her case. The Republicans serving in the town council are clearly RINOs. They haven’t shown any type of rebuttal towards the radical mayor for the last 3 years that he’s been in office.

Andrea recently had an interview with the radio station NJ 101.5 FM and a poll was taken resulting 74% in her favor.

WABC Channel 7 wanted to interview her, but it was clear they did not have good intentions.

Hopefully, the judge will not be corrupt and allow a fair trial to be held. Who knows maybe this will advance to higher courts?

To conclude, we want to wish the best of luck for Andrea and God-willing she will have a successful day tomorrow.

Update June 10, 2021: Andrea attended trial at the Roselle Park Municipal Complex, she plead not guilty and her charges were dropped. Her next task will be to attend virtual trial at the Union County Court, on July 8th.

The truth about the matter is that Democrat Operative Marielle Adrianna has been harassing Andrea Dick on multiple occasions. She confirmed to me that they no longer talk to each other, but Marielle just can’t stop bothering. This time, she took advantage by complaining to Democrat Mayor Joe, creating a controversy about Andrea’s banners.

I asked Andrea if she is considering in taking legal action against Marielle and she said she is definitely thinking about it.

After reviewing Marielle’s social media, which is full of swear words and categorizing Conservatives as terrorists, she claims the town must take positive action to combat Andrea’s hatred.

When interviewing Andrea, on both occasions I was able to notice her neighbors stopping by giving words of encouragement. This is the America we want to see that never gets reported!

As for Marielle, it seems she is the only one being offended of Andrea’s patriotic banners. Let alone expressing hate towards Conservatives online and causing unnecessary conflicts.


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