Cubans are making their voices heard, but not much action from Biden.

This last weekend was the beginning of a march for freedom by the Cuban people, and continues along with their compatriots joining them in the streets of Miami and all over the world.

It is important to note that Cubans who have fled their native country stand with the people protesting for their God given rights of freedom.

It also important to note that the Internet shutdown was not because of COVID-19, as the Cuban government would like you to know.

Since the Cuban Revolution, which prompted the overthrow of Fulgencio Batista in 1959, began the Communist regime with Fidel Castro as Prime Minister of Cuba.

This only brought death, hunger, poverty, lack of medicine, churches taken down, political prisoners and many more ills.

The people of Cuba are mobilizing because they are being deprived of basic necessities and medicine, and the Pandemic just made things worse.


They are being controlled of what they read, see, and listen; whether it be online, through television or radio, even print media.

Not too long ago, the Internet was introduced with all the necessary requirements the Government needs for censorship and to collect user’s data.

On Sunday, the Internet went down due to an influx of inconvenient information being consumed by a number of Cuban people.

All of this caused the Cuban people to bravely rise up against the Communist Castro Regime and some waving American flags representing freedom.

#Soscuba #Cuba Protestas en La Habana contra el rĂ©gimen castrista, EL PUEBLO PIDE LIBERTAD! #Americateve #AmericaNoticias— Americateve (@Americateve) July 11, 2021

Now, under the Biden Administration, there is no clear response as to what the United States plans to do with this scenario.

The only response we’ve got from The White House, was that the Biden Administration recognizes the Cubans claiming for freedom.

And that’s about it.

Unfortunately, under this current government, there is not going to be any action taken by the President.

Joe Biden will not recognize Cuba as a Communist country, nor will anybody in the administration or the mainstream media.

Meanwhile, people are dying and being persecuted for speaking out against the Castro Regime.

The Secretary of Homeland Security, Alejandro Mayorkas, who’s family fled from Cuba, just announced yesterday, that the United States will be activating the Coast Guard to prevent any migration of Cubans.

Which is an ironic statement and a very defensive approach, when the Southern Border of the U.S. is open.

The Secretary of State, Antony Blinken, said:

“We join partners across the hemisphere and around the world in urging the Cuban Regime in respecting the rights of the Cuban people to determine their own future. Something they have been denied for far too long.”

How do you ask the dictators of Cuba, who have been depriving the rights of their people, for 62 years to simply just change?

President John F. Kennedy, (who was a Democrat, and fiscally, socially Conservative) took action during the Cuban Missile Crisis.

What will Joe Biden do?

The calls for military action are growing among Cuban-Americans, and it is clear that this is the key moment for the United States to take a stand against the Castro Regime.

However, it seems that what Joe Biden plans, is for this movement to just cool down and forget that this ever happened, while people in Cuba die.

It is very unfortunate that there is not a strong stance against Communism and Socialism in The White House.

Historically, that will not be seen in a positive way, as the United States was the leader in the fight against Communism during the Cold War.


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