The Hypocrisy of the COVID-19 Vaccine

On July 27, 2021, the CDC updated mask guidance, saying that fully vaccinated people that live in
high transmission rates, like major cities, musk wear masks indoors.

The Center for Disease Control has found that fully vaccinated people can still spread the Delta Variant of COVID-19.

Which means that if you are fully vaccinated, you can still spread the virus.

If you’re in an area with substantial or high spread of #COVID19, wear a mask in public indoor settings, even if fully vaccinated. If you’re fully vaccinated & in a low spread area, you can still consider wearing a mask.
See COVID-19 spread in your area:— CDC (@CDCgov) August 3, 2021

Back in May, the CDC declared that masks were not necessary if you are fully vaccinated, even when indoors.

When the Pandemic started, Dr. Anthony Fauci, the Head of the NIAID, kept flip-flopping about masks.

He started saying that masks were not necessary, and that only medical workers should use them.

But then Dr. Fauci said that you must wear masks, and that it wouldn’t be a bad idea to wear N-95 respirators or two surgical masks. Who could breathe with that?

Remember, masks were only recomended if you could not socially distance.

But here we are, mask mandates everywhere and endless media campaigns to promote vaccinations, which are turning out to be uneffective.

The reason why many people are skeptical about the vaccines is not so much about its components, but about its practicality.

For the fully vaccinated:

  • You still have to wear a mask in indoor public settings
  • You can be asymptomatic, and unknowingly catch and/or spread COVID-19, regardless of the Delta Variant
  • and yes, you can be hospitalized for COVID-19 being fully vaccinated.

For the unvaccinated:

  • You must wear a mask indoors
  • Depending on your immune health, you can catch COVID-19 and be asymptomatic, or be hospitalized
  • You could unknowingly spread the Coronavirus.

So this leads to many concerns about the vaccines.

People question:

  • What is the point of getting vaccinated if I still have to wear a mask?
  • If I can still spread the virus being vaccinated, then do these vaccines work?
  • Why is there such a push for people getting vaccinated?

It seems defintely clear, that these mask and vaccine mandates are not helping at all. As a matter of fact, these mandates make this pandemic even more problematic.

It made sense to enforce masking during the begining of this COVID-19 Pandemic, to prevent contagion.

But now, that cases have lowered, and deaths are much lower that it was before, adding the fact that now, half of the U.S. population is vaccinated, these mask mandates no longer have an essential effect.

The United States population is about 330 million.

According to data from the CDC: 165,334,987 are fully vaccinated

49.8% are fully vaccinated, while 50.2% are unvaccinated.

Literally, about half of the US population is fully vaccinated, and the other half are not backing down.

Instead of this being a starting point, the government claims that it’s now our fault that the Pandemic continues, and they are is doing everything they can to supress the unvaccinated.

It would be great if the government would go after the creators of this virus, and let the American people chose their fate.

Vaccine mandates being imposed on local businesses not only negatively affect the unvaccinated, but the business owners as well. They will now have a much lower clientele base, making them lose lots of profit.

Vaccine mandates on healthcare workers are also negatively impacting nurses and cleaning staff, because they are skeptical about the vacccine as well. They have worked their behind this whole time, and now they have to be forced to get an uneffective vaccine or they’ll lose their jobs.

The mask and vaccine mandates are not helping at all, and it looks like the vaccine has become more of a totalitarian tool than a lifesaving tool.

These mandates are controlling our daily lives. We cannot keep thinking like if it were March 2020.

We the People, the taxpayers, want our lives back, because when you least expect it, the Coronavirus will be dimished and the Federal and State governments will have more control than ever before, and trust me we are seeing it play right now.

In conclusion, we need to get our freedoms back, because that is how we can control our lives and choose how the future is going to be like, after a Pandemic that seems to have no end in sight.

If we begin by eliminating these mandates that were only useful for the crisis we lived last year, we can start paving the road towards normal life.

And that is exactly what our government will not do, because they are loving this Pandemic that has become the precursor for totalitarianism.

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