Mike Lindell exposes the 2020 Election at the Cyber Symposium.

Mike Lindell, the CEO of MyPillow, has been fighting for election integrity since November 3rd.

He created his own website FrankSpeech.com where you can watch Lindell TV live, and watch other shows that touch very interesting topics.

You can also go to LindellTV.com where you can watch his channel live, and watch Absolute Proof and other informative documentaries.

Starting today, from August 10-12th, for 72 hours straight, Mike Lindell will be hosting a historic Cyber Symposium where he will be exposing all of the fraud and data.

It will be transmitted live in his websites FrankSpeech.com and LindellTV.com, and it’ll also be transmitted on RSBN and OAN.

The Cyber Symposium will be held privately where only members of the press, politicians, and technicians are invited.

Lindell is offering a $5,000,000 challenge if someone can prove that all of the information presented at the symposium is not true. The challenger must be a qualified cyber professional who can provide valid, cybernetic evidence to prove all of the information presented is false.

There will be a major anouncement at 8:00 PM EST, 7:00 PM CT.

If you would like to watch this event, go to FrankSpeech.com or LindellTV.com

Update: the major announcement that will be presented by Lindell’s Red Team, has been postponed and will be presented this Thursday.

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