President Trump had the best strategy on Afghanistan.

If you don’t remember, 45th President of the United States, Donald J. Trump, addressed the Nation at US Army Fort Myer, Virginia, about a revised Afghanistan strategy.

President Trump, initially thought about immediately leaving Afghanistan and ending the war. But after consulting Military Generals, Secretary of Defense and the Secretary of State, Trump ultimately decided to stay in Afghanistan as a quick removal would provoke a surge from the Taliban. Bringing them back into power.

The Taliban governed Afghanistan about 20 years ago (until now), and they aided and abetted other terrorists like Al-Qaeda. Same can be said with Pakistan.

Al-Qaeda’s plans to attack the United States, which caused the unforgettable attack on September 11th, came directly from Afghanistan.

Which is why Trump came up with a new strategy and proposed to remain resolute in attacking terrorists, stop spending time and money on nation-building, and make the Afghan Government and others contribute in this war effort against terrorism.

This Presidential Adress was on August 21, 2017.

Fast Forwarding to August 14, 2021, just about four years ago, the very same tactic Trump said would be a terrible idea, was implemented in the Biden Administration.

Biden removed all troops, abandoning everything, even billions of dollars in military equipment like weapons, aircraft, tanks and night vision goggles. Leaving the Taliban as capable as the US Military.

Now, it’s been 12 days that Americans are still stranded in Afghanistan and yet, there are no plans on how to rescue them.

The only thing the State Department has done, was to advise citizens not to get near the airport.

Our government, for some reason has prioritized the comforting of Afghan Refugees, but not of its national citizens.

This is blantant disrespect to our own people on so many levels, and just wait, because it will only get worse.

Today’s breaking news, a suicide bomb was detonated near the Kabul Airport, in the Abbey Entry, where U.S. soldiers have to physically frisk each and every person that comes in.

The bombing killed 12 U.S. Marines and 1 Navy Medic.

It is very important to note, that each and every American are mourning this loss and are very upset and saddened about the tragic events happening in Afghanistan.

We are also, very dissapointed over the incompetence of the current U.S. Government’s handling of this event.

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